Trojan & US Wet Cell and Lithium Batteries

Trojan Wet Cell Batteries

Trojan Battery Prices Requires Equal Battery for Core Exchange:

  • Wet Cell Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle
  • T-105 6 Volt Battery $179.99 Each or $1079.94 per set of 6
  • T-875 8 Volt Battery $185.99 Each or $1115.94 per set of 6
  • T-1275 12 Volt Battery $247.99 Each or $991.96 per set of 4

US Wet Cell Batteries

US Battery Prices Requires Equal Battery for Core Exchange:

* We no longer stock US Batteries, Please Call to Order

  • Wet Cell Flooded Lead Acid Deep Cycle
  • US-2000 6 Volt Battery 220 Amp Hours: $155.99 Each or $935.94 per set of 6
  • US-2200 6 Volt Battery 232 Amp Hours: $166.99 Each or $1001.94 per set of 6
  • US8VGC 8 Volt Battery 170 Amp Hours: $172.99 Each or $1037.94 per set of 6
  • US12V 12 Volt Battery 155 Amp Hours: $228.99 Each or $915.96 per set of 4

DEKA Batteries

DEKA Battery Prices Requires Equal Battery for Core Exchange:

  • DEKA 426G 12 Volt Gas Golf Cart Battery 450 CCA: $117.99 Each

* All Trojan, US and Deka Battery Prices Subject to Change Without Notice Due to Covid-19 Availability*

STAR EV Lithium Battery System


Lithium Batteries are available 80AH, 105AH and 210AH capacity

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4, LFP) the safest lithium battery on the market
  • Maintenance free and zero emissions
  • 100% full power till discharge – no decline in performance
  • Lower cost of ownership vs lead-acid batteries
  • Long cycle life: 3-5 times of standard lead-acid batteries
  • Built-in battery management system (BMS) for the entire pack
  • Live monitoring battery status and support to display on mobile app
  • Compact and super light weight
  • 6 Year Pro-Rated Limited Warranty
  • USA Based service and support

STAR EV Lithium Battery System Spec Sheet: STAR EV Lithium Battery Spec Sheet

When you need to replace your old golf cart batteries you can count on C & C Golf Carts to have the Trojan, US and STAR EV Lithium Golf Cart Batteries you need at the price you want. C & C Golf Carts is a Authorized Trojan Golf Cart Battery Dealer( Trojan Battery Corporate Overview ). We Stock the Trojan T-105 6 volt, T-875 8 volt and T-1275 12 volt Trojan golf cart batteries. The addition of a automatic watering system can save time and over and under watering of your Trojan golf cart batteries Trojan Battery Golf Car HydroLink install and use. We also are a US Golf Cart Battery Dealer. We can order US 1800 6 volt, US 2000 6 volt, US 2200 6 volt of all amp hours to fit you needs and price. We sell wet cell flooded lead acid deep cycle Trojan & US golf cart batteries. Being a Trojan & US Golf Cart Battery Dealer you know that you are buying golf cart batteries that are Batteries Made In The USA and have been Trusted for nearly a century. If conventional wet cell batteries are the clear choice for your Golf Cart, Floor Scrubber, Boat, Marine, RV, Solar and Renewable Deep Cycle applications we have them in stock and ready for pick up. If your looking for a sealed battery then the the Fullriver DC series is a proven name in Deep Cycle batteries. Fullriver DC batteries are available for use in a variety of applications including Aerial Work Platforms & Scissor Lifts, Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers, Golf Carts, Boats, Materials Handling Equipment, Renewable Systems, RV’s , UPS Backup Power Systems and Oil and Gas operations. Most of our batteries have a 18 month warranty when all of the manufacturers recommendations are followed. Come check out our golf cart battery options for your application, you will find that C & C Golf Carts is your one stop battery dealer for you! (Trojan – Battery Maintenance Video )

Call today to schedule your appointment to drive one of our new golf cart models. Let our specialists at C & C Golf Carts find the right fit for YOU.